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Individuals, Couples & Families. Child inclusive Family Mediation. Accredited with Attorney-General department.

No waitlists. Private health rebates. Face-to-face / Telephone / Online. Western Australia 

Family Mediation - Workplace Mediation - Conflict Resolution 


We offer a range of Mediation services for individuals and the community. Our mediators are nationally accredited and provide a prompt, professional service. We assist parties who are in dispute to reach a resolution. This may include:




Sporting groups

Community groups

Contact our NMAS accredited mediators for further details on 0407900973.


What is Family Dispute Resolution (FDR)?

FDR is a mediation service whereby the mediator facilitates communication between the parties to assist you in reaching an agreement for parenting and/or property matters post separation. The role of the mediator is not to provide legal advice but to oversee the process as an impartial third party, supporting parents to reach amicable agreements focusing on the best interest of their children. New Hope Therapy provides the opportunity to reach mutually satisfactory agreements in a timely manner without the expense and lengthy process of court proceedings.

Why choose New Hope Therapy for family dispute resolution services?

  • No waitlists
  • Child inclusive mediation
  • Co-parenting support
  • Fair agreements taking into consideration everyone's needs
  • Have control over your decisions
  • Less costly than court & law firms
  • Feel heard by a professional uniquely trained in both mediation and counselling
  • Confidential, safe space
  • Every client is treated with respect
  • Option to transfer agreement to be legally binding

What is the process?

Individual intake session with both parties

  • information gathering
  • safety screening
  • suitability assessment
  • provide referrals as required

Child inclusive

  • communication with both parents
  • confidentiality limitations and process discussed
  • consent of both parents and children
  • individual child friendly consultation
  • parent feedback session

Mediation conference

  • child focused information
  • agenda items
  • options & negotiation
  • agreement drafted as a parenting plan or property agreement

Child inclusive consultation

Children can often feel as though they are in the middle of a dispute of the two people they love the most - their parents. They may push their feelings and needs aside not wanting to upset either parent. Child inclusive mediation is a specialised approach that brings the child's developmental needs and perspective to the mediation process.The approach supports children's adjustment to separation by equipping parents with knowledge about development and encourages reflection to support the child's unique needs.

Family law

The family law encourages families to resolve their disputes through mediation. It is a requirement that parties make a genuine effort to resolve the dispute through family dispute resolution (FDR) prior to filing an application for court orders. There are a few exceptions to this requirement, however unless an exemption applies, parties seeking to have a parenting matter determined by a family law court will need to file a certificate from an accredited FDR practitioner. The certificate is issued under Section 60I of the Family Law Act 1975 and is commonly known as a Section 60I Certificate. As an accredited FDR practitioner, we are authorised to issue 60I certificates when appropriate.

The following link provides further information on family dispute resolution:

Contact us at [email protected] for a FDR intake form to commence the process.